• Canine Bowen Technique
    Therapy for dogs .

Canine Bowen Technique

The Canine Bowen Technique is a gentle, light touch therapy for dogs. It is a non-invasive and effective hands-on technique that promotes healing, pain-relief and body/energy rebalancing. It is based on the principles of a successful human modality - the Bowen Technique - that was developed by Tom Bowen, in Australia in the 1950’s, and brought to the UK in the early 1990’s.

Its adaptation in the UK for use on dogs was started in 2001 by Bowen therapists Sally and Ron Askew, who started on their own dogs, and then, with the cooperation and support of their local vets, integrated their findings into their canine behavioural and rehabilitation work with great success.

How Does The Canine Bowen Technique (CBT) Work?

CBT uses subtle movement of fingers and thumbs over muscle, ligament and fascia at specific points on the dog’s body. There is no prolonged pressure or hard manipulation, and no pulling or cracking of joints. CBT is a soft tissue and muscle release technique. It aims to promote healing, pain relief and rebalances the body’s energy.

It is never forced upon the dog – provoking the body into a fearful or defensive reaction would be counter-productive. CBT is holistic, and treats the body as a whole. I will often treat different areas of the body to address problems caused by the dog compensating for a condition elsewhere.

About Me

I have always been an animal lover and passionate about the welfare of dogs. However, my holistic approach began with a diploma in Aromatherapy, and Indian Head massage that led to me owning a health food shop for 7 years.

During this time I became heavily involved in a dog rescue charity that inspired my husband and me to build and run 15 luxury kennels for the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and abandoned dogs. Desperately needing another tool to help the dogs, Bowen was the obvious answer for the emotional as well as the physical problems we are faced with every day. Bowen is a non-invasive and non- manipulative treatment of which the amount of Bowen and speed it is received is dictated by the dog alone. Bowen offers a gentle yet powerful treatment that dogs of all breeds, colour, shape and sizes, even in the most desperate of states, benefit from. I have the utmost respect for Dogs and believe they deserve the opportunity to benefit from a pain free and happy life. Their fate is in our hands…..


Bowen is complementary to, and not a substitute for, orthodox/conventional veterinary care. It is only available via a veterinary referral form, which I supply and complete ready for signing by your vet prior to the commencment of treatment.

Benefits of Bowen

What it can be very useful for

  • Stressed and Nervous Dogs – especially helpful for the rescue dog

  • Arthritis

  • Back/Neck Injuries

  • Joint Problems

  • Muscle soreness/tightness

  • Pre/Post Operative – to aid the healing process

  • Improving Performance - Agility/Working/Showing dogs

  • Epilepsy

  • Elbow/Hip Dysplasia

  • Degenerative Joint Disease

  • Digestive Problems

  • Eye Problems/Ear problems

  • Kidney Problems

  • Allergies

  • Maintaining and improving your dog’s quality of life Intermittent Lameness/Gait problems/Sprains/Strains and Ligament damage

The Treatment

A typical first consultation will last up to an hour while I get to know more about you and your dog. Your dog may initially be nervous, and sometimes the first session will focus on building and establishing a relationship. Once they are familiar with CBT, your dog will often position itself ready for treatment. The actual hands-on part of the session will usually last no more than 20 minutes.

Often only 1 or 2 treatments at regular intervals are all that’s required to achieve a noticeable change. During the session, there will be short breaks to allow your dog to absorb the information given by the CBT moves. Dogs are generally very in-tune with their bodies, and instinctively know when to take a break and when to come back for more. Often, after a few moves, your dog may stretch, walk around, stare blankly into space, or go for a lie-down; it is common for them to rest or sleep in between moves during a session. Your dog will dictate the amount of CBT that it receives, even after just a couple of moves your dog may indicate that this is all he/she needs – your dog’s wishes are respected at all times. Full aftercare advice will be given after the treatment, particularly with regard to exercise and handling. Carrying out this advice is an important part of the treatment and can have enormous effect on the outcome of the session.